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The prince open interest of west lake new show
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The prince open interest of west lake new show

Prince open interest

Tourist attraction name: Prince open interest
Tourist attraction brief introduction: Lean south prince bay park 9 sunlight, na Bing 2 hill, adjacent mothers completely east temple, small reach Zhang Cangshui field one day, zhang Taiyan path leading to a grave, borrow on the west south the height mists and clouds in the twilight emerald green haze enters garden, the metasequoia close Lin Rucui that north has one to grow a lofty luxuriantly green hangs down in curtain and enter the be apart of Na Bing road that flow with car water. Hill (9 wash, Na Bing) for screen, water (bright canal) for arteries and veins, hill barrier water is circled, gas charm is vivid, prince bay park " congenital " preeminent and free from vulgarity. Complete garden differentiates for removed, approximate with garden road, aqueduct for east, medium, on the west 3 scene area, area of scene of the eastpart part is Wang Shanping, yi Leyuan. Wang Shanping fastens one great lawn, level ground bizygomatic breadth is wide, eye shot is open, already but color of hill of look into the distance from a high place aing shady retreat on a green hill, can go up in the meadow again or lie rest, or play. The luck austral great lawn, one place is used shallow red, ash is black 2 kinds of block that wear a face spell step and become too extremely circular shop outfit, its diameter makes an appointment with 10 meters, tourist comes here morning can drill the fist reviews dance, night but singing joyous amusement. Mid scene area with lute continent and emerald garden give priority to a tourist attraction. Lute continent is high apophysis, adjoin of irregular of Bei emerald green garden is received, double-dealing person photograph edge photograph leans and yulan magnolia is alled over on Cheng Qiu slope, have a smile on one's face, the view such as oriental cherry admires the beauty of flowers wood, lower level line with big-leaf hydrangea, igneous thorn reachs perennial root flowers, beautiful shadow takes a look, fragrance ooze person. Scene says to get the better of with autumn scenery mostly here. Prince bay park is battling of scene beautiful with the name auspicious, make the room of kinescope of wedding of Hangzhou newlywed produce a film, open interest and trendy, formed a moving west lake amorous feelings to pursue newly.
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