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West lake the Qiu Yue making the same score a lake of 10 scene
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West lake the Qiu Yue making the same score a lake of 10 scene

Average lake autumn month

Area of scene of Ping Huqiu month is located in Bai Di carry on the west, gu thes foot of a hill or mountain south hill, the west lake outside be close to. Actually, regard a west lake as one of 10 scene, lake autumn month is averaged when the Southern Song Dynasty and do not have fixed scene location, this from at that time and yuan, bright the poetic word that ode of two face bookman chants this scene puts in boat night lake 's charge from extensive more, the angle describe that enjoys the glorious full moon in the boat sees not hard, if have in poem of acute of grandson of the Southern Song Dynasty " lunar Leng Hanquan coagulates not to flow, oar song where goes boating " sentence; Ming Hongzhan writes in Zu Zaishi: "Autumn barge person is ascended absolutely billow is knitted, the dirt in lens of pavilion of celestial being hill. "Leave those who pass for all time bright the west lake between 10 thousand past years in woodcut of 10 scene woodcarving, " the Qiu Yue that make the same score a lake " one graph still also lifts head full moon to be appearance subject in lake boat with the tourist.
Be located in scene area to slant the lake day that handles on the west greens jade building, it is clear formerly at the beginning of end civilian Judaic wealthy businessman " adventurer " the private villa that with a ha is the same as " Luo Yuan " medium hangover, become China later the cradle jujube that contemporary and burgeoning woodcarving moves- - seat of 8 art companies. Nowadays, monarch is courtyard of Xi Ling painting and calligraphy here, wonderful scenery of the hill that it is a lake more buy gas of a scroll.
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27, 7 high mountain grave stand.

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