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Absolutely " photograph " west lake show is lubricious but eat (graph)
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Changjiang Delta is recalled, most recalling is Hangzhou.

Hill searchs Gui Zi in temple clump,
County sees current head on booth pillow,

He Ri more revisit?

What Su Shi bear in mind constantly wants revisit is a west lake of course, "Did not solve cast Hangzhou goes, general stop over is a west lake " ! The west lake is in geology is anatomical belong to lagoon, it is the silt that is eroded to fall by Qian Tangjiang foul form at bay, and Hangzhou and this " lagoon " the connection that having countless ties. Liu Yongyi sentence " in March Gui Zi, 10 lis of lotus " let countless people be the laky enjoy oneself so much as to forget to go home with this not large area.

Absolutely " photograph " west lake show is lubricious but eat (graph)

□ spring " photograph " ★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of gravitation index ★

Bright generation is famous of writer tall Lian " the four seasons is deep and remote admire collection " , drew up Hangzhou person is in round the west lake the recreational life in the four seasons, among them the character about spring is such: "Spring when admire deep and remote: Gu hill sees wintersweet month, cauliflower looks in cropland of the Eight Diagrams, the tiger runs dream spring tries new tea, brook building is in bamboo shoot of eat cook over a slow fire on the west, xiao Shan looks on Bao Shuda, 10 lis of Su Di see peach blossom... " one branch flying willow, wirh fixed attention half days, this is the happy life on west lake edge.

The rain during springtime of Changjiang Delta most let a person ward off blows hard, the west lake is more such. Vernal arise suddenly also is in this not aggravating drizzle. Have Shi Yun: "Emerge the Liu Rujin outside golden gate, 3 days do not come green shady, fold take one branch to go into the city, teach a person to know already spring deep. " breaking the peach blossom by the bridge always is the first appears red come, then, it is pink Liu Lu -- scenery of west lake type. Flower and person are euqally bustling, lively, arrange thick the awaken of spring full to the brim, the person that let swim does not step a pace.

□ gives ★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of travel index ★

Airliner: Hangzhou new International Airport is located in drop of melon of Xiao Shan area to press down, be apart from downtown 30 kilometer.

Railroad: Hangzhou is the railroad traffic hub with Hua Dong main area, guangzhou has nonstop passenger train to Hangzhou.

□ special clew

Annual in April, the prince bay park of west lake edge is the world of tulip, oriental cherry, a powerful, elegant, or leave so that do not have without block to bar, or leave missishly bashful, no matter how can find a view have good picture.

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