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Honest brings special local product: Honest installs orange
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Chun An county is planted orange history is long, ming Jiajing " Chun An county annals " there is account in products fruit. Does orange breed have mandarin orange, ? The many breed such as sweet orange of mandarin orange, yellow cliff. After 1000 islands lake is formed, mid region climate is friendly, rainfall is abundant, appropriate orange grows, begin piece cultivate. Among them lukewarm city mandarin orange is occupied about 70% , distributing in entire county each orange areas, in country expression cultivates situation fruit strong, high yield sex is good, cheng Guo period is general mu produce 1500, 3500 kilograms, autumn is in the middle ten days of a month will come in October November the middle ten days of a month, the strain of lukewarm city mandarin orange is very much, early department has hillside plot, remaining part piece etc. The mandarin orange of early Wen Zhou that Fu Decun of rich brook countryside grows, colour and lustre is bright-coloured, the skin is thin without the nucleus, sweet degree dainty, valve is even, smell is sweet thick, appropriate birch broken bits, show honest to bring turtledove hole country does limited company have fruit of name of 1000 islands lake does big canopy establishment help advance somebody's career is there early Gong Chuan, ? The high grade breed such as mandarin orange.

Honest installs orange

Contact: Lu Youxue 13968113196
Address: (turtledove hole countryside) fruit of name of 1000 islands lake limited company
Picked time: Will come in November in January

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