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Face bring special local product
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Green banboos goods: The green banboos after overlooking the room before bringing house of family of rural most farmer is green, bamboo movie dancing, send the view of Changjiang Delta curtilage of blue new grace. Su Dongpo of Song Dai's great poet takes up the post of Hangzhou to install connect the advent when sentencing, see a mountainous area green Zhu Qiaoli, verdant poetic inspiration is immediately the farmhouse Xiaojing that is about to drip, big hair, wrote down " can make feed without the flesh, cannot Ju Mozhu. Make a person thin without the flesh, without Zhu Lingren cereal " line. "Cannot Ju Mozhu " a kind of pursuit that became people.
However, of nowadays face install a person to be not satisfied at this point, they discovered bamboo especially bamboo more value, with great concentration is on bamboo make an issue of, undertake the chroma of bamboo goods is machined. High mountain vegetable: Green water of hill of weather eye the foot of a mountain is beautiful, climate is friendly, rainfall is abundant, land is fecund, have production the high mountain is high grade " without social effects of pollution " the environment with advantaged vegetable. Grow in altitude the weather eye hill of 500 meters of above is vegetable with its superior zoology environment, science help advance somebody's career technology, detect strictly measure, by consumer praise for " safe course " , " be at ease dish " and " nutrient dish " , its are main breed has kidney bean, tomato, cabbage, long melon, Xi Qin, carrot, green beautiful food, withSeries of bamboo shoot of the eye that reach a day processes a product.
Vegetable of high mountain of weather eye hill helps advance somebody's career green food is used to produce operating rules on the technology, use to fertilizer and pesticide reach field management technique to execute guard a pass strictly, pass water drought rotate, food food rotate, high grade and vegetable breed mixes choice disease-resistant add the method that uses photograph of prophylaxis and treatment of the comprehensive measure such as organic qualitative fertilizer and contemporary biology drug to be united in wedlock, controlled the happening of plant diseases and insect pests effectively, prevented pesticide pollution thereby.
Weather eye is a mountainous area difference in temperature of day and night is big, vegetable nutrient is accumulated much, contain a lot ofwater of vitamin, mineral, protein, adipose, carbonCompound, character is remarkable excel Campagna is vegetable, it is ideal nutrition health food, suit people consumption level from the amount demand to quality change. The beautiful of all of fragrance of famished look of high mountain greens after cook, it is the good cooked food of guesthouse, restaurant and family.
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