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Hangzhou embroidery
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Hangzhou embroidery, name Hangzhou embroider, also call auspicious embroider, traceable Chinese generation, it is prime to the Southern Song Dynasty. The embroidery at that time, it is " palace embroider " , it is " civilian embroider " , former plant for the Yuan Xiuge inside royalty only dress, latter and inwrought official is taken, bedcover, screen, hanging. Till clear minor details civilian first, hang Xiureng is filled and do not decline, inside the city hind city is held, bridge of water of congee teaching lane, day contains inwrought mill nearly 20 place, the craftsman that is good at embroidery reachs 229 people. Hangzhou embroider pays attention to stitch, stitch basically has smooth embroider, random needle embroider, fold the embroider, embroider that stick add, embroider lending a copy, hair embroider, wear bead embroider, side embroider, dot embroider, make up embroider of embroider, net, gauze embroider to wait. The inwrought breed that fights embroider is very much, embroider of You Yiang gold, cover with gold leaf embroider, silver-colored line embroider, colour silk embroider celebrated at when. Embroider of gold of a legendary venomous insect, resplendent and magnificent, elegant; Cover with gold leaf embroider, distinct, hand in photograph reflect; Silver-colored line embroider, of primitive simplicity is cultured, element and not common; Color line embroider, close and gorgeous, figure is lively. Hangzhou embroider is on inwrought craft, absorb and shirt-sleeve revive, Hunan, Sichuan, another name for Guangdong Province the length of 4 names embroider, embroider law is changeful, formed oneself distinctive color. The design of Hangzhou embroider is designed, content mostly draw materials the dragon at civilian love to see and hear, phoenix, kylin, batty, peacock, peony, peaches offered as a birthday present, flexibly, the traditional pattern such as scenery of the Eight Diagrams, west lake. Apply on adornment hyperbole and be out of shape, also be Hang Xiuyi big characteristic.

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