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West lake - dawn of Su Di spring
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  Su Di is Northen Song Dynasty yuan 祐 5 years (1090) , poetic Su Shi (east slope) when holding the post of Hangzhou to tell a state, dredge west lake, those who use dredge to dig is silty build and form, hangzhou people administers the contribution of the west lake to commemorate Su Dongpo, name it for " Su Di " . Since the Southern Song Dynasty, dawn of Su Di spring is resided all the time " west lake 10 scene " head.

Na Bing the foot of a mountain has south Su Di, north falls to dwell glow mountain, full-length nearly 3 kilometers, the bank is wide average 36 meters. Edge bank is cultivated peach of willow, green jade view and admire tree and large quantities of flowers and plants, still build have stone arch bridge of 6 weak opening, bridge name from south and north is ordinal to mirror wave, Suo Lan, look at hill, pressure bank, east (bundle) riverside, cross rainbow.

Every time spring breeze is swayed, the willow on Su Di is spat emerald green, colourful peach shinings, senior bank is outspread, 6 bridges rise and fall. When the dew at the beginning of first sun rays in the morning, lake wave is like lens, bridge shadow takes water, bird language chatters, fine willow fleet rolling back and forth, photograph of peach blossom smiling face is greeted. On place oneself bank, if lake hill wonderful scenery spreads out like draw, with all possible means expression, 10 thousand kinds of amorous feelings, hold the post of a person to appreciate.

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