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West lake - yellow Long Tucui
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  yellow Long Tucui is new west lake one of 10 scene, be located in north of mountain of glow of dwell of hill of west lake north to the foot of a hill or mountain. Yellow Long Dongyuan says " protect courtyard of national benevolence king " , renown " the hole that do not have the door " , " Huang Longtan " , for city of clear acting Hangzhou famous line is watched one of, also be the gardens between a quiet and tastefully laid out hill. Here has big pool of deep and remote strange hole already, choiceness booth stage; Again Maolin repairs bamboo, blame Shi Qingquan, in the thick bud that rectifies a gardens to enclothe Yu Sensen, show " hiddden talents " the god is deep and remote. Step the door that enter hill, along garden road slowly rise, the Song Huang other the path is handed in emerald green, receive grade of flour wall block. Wear through that nine carve the beautiful window of dragon form to in peek, see desolate of the green banboos inside whitewash a wall, booth stage is faint, all the more causes people to seek the interest that deep and remote explore gets the better of.

Had turned whitewash a wall, enter 2, at the moment be suddenly enlightened, see music cage gallery surrounds only in, contain is hiding a jasper like Qing Chi. Pool bank rockery overlaps, shan Shiman is hanged, martial and extraordinary of one build horn, vigrous yellow bibcock is shown in mottled moss, if bead shade hangs come down in torrents and a Qingquan in dragon mouth falls, clang with a clang clangs, if sound cries musical instrument. On the hill stone of chute both sides, engraving respectively " water is absent deep " , " have Long Zeling " these 8 thumb quarter grass, pointed out tourist attraction name.

Here green banboos is dense, the humble with the black bamboo with careful close look of the bamboo that has bold tall and graceful, pole, short lovely fine and soft Bai Zhu, and the Fang Zhu that rare form just takes thorn is waited a moment, breed is quite much, plant individual plant is spat emerald green, because of the name " yellow Long Tucui " . Clear person Zhang Dan swims yellow Long Dongshi, have " close Zhu Qing countless, wei Songcui a few " , "Be the same as occasionally 2 clever admire, promote hair multiply oneself " sentence. Still build inside garden have " the crane stops " , " sweet snow " a pavilion or house on a terrace waiting for booth, flying cabinet corridor, having a unique style. Inside archaize garden, wear the musician of ancient costume, spiccato inside long Le Ting Gu Le, euphonic and pleasant. Return monarch to have the public place of entertainment such as lamp of archery, view, show in recent years.

About Huang Long the hole still has a lot of fokelore, some saying, the old Huang Long that defeats do evil to commemorate a small Huang Long leads Hangzhou person, people is in its gone place model a yellow bibcock, name here yellow dragon hole, chute is the tear that people sheds in abdomen of small yellow dragon. Between Chun Younian of the Song Dynasty of according to legend, bonze of hill of Jiangxi yellow dragon comes this builds a temple, ignore a day of Huang Long flies subsequently be born, shan Yan is in fission to be like dragon mouth, qing Quan from which spew, friend says " yellow dragon hole " .
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