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West lake - gem sheds glow
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  gem sheds glow is a west lake new one of 10 scene. Lapidary hill, be located in bank of west lake north, make an appointment with 200 meters high, hill body belongs to the tuff in igneous rock and rhyolite, sunshine shine upon, its colour and lustre is like emerald agate, friend says " lapidary hill " . Show at the beginning of glow of hold office at court especially, or when setting sun Yu Hui, the graceful tower that protect 俶 and cliff of violet Brown hill present the attractive picture of flush of colour of Guang Xia giving haze, get a name " gem sheds glow " .

The bamboo shoot of jade of Bao Shuda just like on lapidary hill inserts a day, element has " beauty " say. This " beauty " be born at the beginning of Northen Song Dynasty year, it is timberwork of 9 class brick formerly, when rebuilding till bright generation, still maintain this to plant with the 6 structures that do not have too big difference with tower, Lei Feng tower. Style of present sincere of bricky build by laying bricks or stones, it is the copy when rebuilding 1933 takes the place of from Qing Dynasty unvarnished, although cannot ascend at last, however with its beautiful " appearance " make thing of eye-catching mark of west lake wonderful scenery with located important niche.

Lai Fengting also is in lapidary summit, be located in Bao Shuda on the west. Build at clear Yong Zhengnian, upturned eaves becomes warped horn, exquisite Jun Yi holds concurrently and have, it and photograph of thing of the tower that protect 俶 stand erect, west lake in 18 scene, the life is " lapidary Feng Ting " scene eye. Courtyard of Buddha of ancient stone inscription is in lapidary Shan Nalu, have figure of Buddha of half body ancient stone inscription, tall, wide each make an appointment with 9 meters, form for the Maitreya, it is the Shi Fo with the biggest Hangzhou. Emperor of Qin Shi of according to legend east when swimming, be about to meet via Qian Tang big the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty of check hold a memorial ceremony for, evil wave of wind of river of the pond that receive fund is tall, ever stopped a boat in lapidary hill, head of big at that time Buddha is an outstanding and independent megalith, boat cable of Qin Huang is fastened on this stone. The carved stone of lapidary hill is quite much, there is lapidarian statue on precipice of foot of a hill group, cliff cliff stays western 3 niche small statue and bright generation problem are engraved, "One spoon spring " bank problem engraves full wall, already denuded now danger.

Go up lapidary hill, or lean draw near the tower that protect 俶, or stand still Chu Yang stage, east vast of river of pond of money of look into the distance from a high place, xi Zihu issueing Fu is beautiful and picturesque. Every time sunshine dawns, see red day one round gush be about to go out, come back namely rays of morning or evening sunshine 10 thousand, a long time all bare, lake day brights, history call Ge Ling Chao Tun, it is yuan of acting Qian Tang one of 10 scene.
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