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West lake - tree of 9 brooks smoke
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Tree of 9 brooks smoke is   new west lake one of 10 scene. Be located in a west lake on the west, ridge of the cockscomb austral mountain misting and clouds in the twilight. 9 brooks have 2 causes, result from on the west lion peak, the source is in east red bayberry mountain, xiang Na shedding drips, enter Qian Tangjiang to Xu Cun. Meantime river green bay, grand law, and numerous and labyrinthian brooklet, common says " 9 brooks 18 gully " , when the Southern Song Dynasty foregone name.

9 brooks and 18 gully are confluent before cafeteria of the brook in the 8 brooks that become aware hill falls, go to from this east go up along the brook village of red bayberry mountain a paragraph, call 9 brooks, weigh hill rows of mountains all the way, old tree is handed in stalk or branch, chan of running water Chan, hill bird chirp. By the brook in the brook village of Xi Qulong well, weigh 18 gully, all the way peak loop turns, hill greenery green grass is green, when mountain stream soft when stimulate, running water with a rustle is like achieve. Poem of the ode after Yue of Yu of quiet acting learned man will swim says: "Heavy jackknife folds hill, tall relative superiority or inferiority leaves a tree. Dong Dongding fourth spring, road of annulus of music music annulus. " 20 words, tree of 9 brooks smoke is boundless open interest!

This takes a valley deep and serene, woods is thick, mountain stream is numerous, tea garden comes loose place, sunshine show is lubricious but eat, cloud of the smoke when overcast and rainy is elegant, trail music is bent, ridges and peaks places stand erect, cong of gully spring Zheng, bamboo grove Nan hands in emerald green wonderful scenery. Assist of Zhang Yu of Ming Chushi's person: "White cloud of Chun Shan dimly discernible is small, 10 thousand big pool are contended for shed below 9 brooks. " Li Siguang of our country famous rocksy, ever came here for two times make an on-the-spot investigation, think to be apart from make an appointment with today 10 thousand to 2, the geological the Quaternary Period 3000000, still have glacier up to now vestigial. Here developed situation situation 1986, create someone labour chute, present beautiful tree to take mist, man Gu is misty, shape if " smoke is cultivated " feeling, friend name is " 9 brooks smoke is cultivated " .

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