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Clever concealed temple protects beginning and end
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On August 30, respected and beloved Zhou En comes temple of clever concealed of premier hear of will suffer adversity, have the risk that is destroyed, in 100 take care busily in, send“Of short duration of clever concealed temple is added close”cable (Zhou En also has this account) in chart of the coming year, the clever concealed temple that makes this already had 1600 old histories, famed China and foreign countries eventually from disaster difficult in head off a danger, be able to protect in perfect condition come down.

At the beginning of 70 time, infante of haing exert gram is in on the west of Xie Jianying marshal accompany come down Hangzhou. Dusty and old clever concealed temple is new open gate of day king hall, welcomed national leader and honoured guest. The chiliad that infante of haing exert gram sees this grand and majestic, protection is intact on the west is ancient in an instant, kowtow piously before the Tathagata resembles do obeisance to, put the palms together is more than.
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