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West lake, gully channel travel notes
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“ Sichuan has a channel of 9 stockaded village, hangzhou has a gully channel ” , gully channel beauty spot is mixed by ” of ” of “ soup hole, “ Mao Tang area of 3 great respect comprises ” of hill of “ beautiful fruit (it is OK that material tourist attraction introduces everybody check on the net) . Had mixed in the evening before today the ” of hotel of “ Kang Xin here (control 100 meters from gate of area of scene of ” of “ Mao Tang) boss connection became good (what we live is a standard 100 yuan / late) , went to his home directly so, hotel is a 2 Xiaolou, be located in group hill surrounds green banboos is fascicular in, the environment is very good, and without mosquito, the boss surnames Shenyang, proprietress surname week, very enthusiastic (curtilage report: 0571-88573812 is small well-informed: My name can sign up for when which my dear brother goes to 0571-88599695, say be Introduction Xiaozun, OK and favourable oh) , when we arrive already fast at 5 o'clock, took the one car afternoon already tired washed-up, the boss asks what we eat in the evening, look to the kitchen, want to nod an earthy chicken originally, but see chicken so big two individual affirmation cannot eat to do not have a dot, wanted fry ricefield eel mixes Lenten a soup. Will to the room put the thing, the room is pretty good still, the big bed of below 4 people that a piece of enough holds, available attune (should collect fees every night 20 yuan) , TV, still can sing card to pull Ok, the quilt is very clean also. A little while the meal has been done, the taste of dish is good still, have very big distinction with the restaurant in the city, occupying boss introduction ricefield eel is feral, lenten also place is produced. Eat a meal in the evening, on the balcony that sits before his door, look at the star that be all over the sky, blow the hill wind with cool catch a cold, drinking tea, crack with teeth in mouth is worn melon seeds, all around a hush, water of the brook before hearing the door only clang clang stream drip sound, a when there still is Shanghai on the side 4 also live in this, chatted to rise with them then, they say to never had seen so bright sky in Shanghai, also had not breathed so fresh air, sensory lung resembled be being cleaned like. Stay in roaring city long, arrive how “ of this peaceful “ a haven of peace, that feeling can be not described with utterance. Eating farmhouse meal, living farmhouse house, the taste that has ” of a kind of Home “ spreads inside thorax, warm warm, very sweet. Rise early even the following day go area of scene of ” of “ soup hole, bathed to sleep so.
Rise in the morning ate breakfast (rice congee, egg and biscuit, still have a few cole, 5 yuan / person) , the proprietress helped us search handlebar our conveniently recieves central ” to the tourist of “ gully channel below, just before parting when still say to come next time with us again and again must play if time is abundant, good enthusiasm! Arrived to recieve a center, bought a ticket, went up to go the travel of area of scene of ” of “ soup hole is received send regular bus, differ meeting arrived, but still have a paragraph of space from scene area gate (about 300 meters or so) , come on foot then scene area doorway, enter scene area to discover to there basically is what tree on hill, it is bamboo, it is Zhu Haiyi simply piece ah, what useful still bamboo does is green green baluster, some activities area still has hammock swing of what, tired can above little interest a little while, still can blow blow relaxed cool wind, moist, a lot of place still can delimit bamboo balsa, go up on the way have the fall with a lot of differ size, and Shui Jiqing clear has cool, each place prospect is good, can saying is it is everywhere scene, go OK to reach height above sea level down hill road 1095 meters kiln head hill. Because want to drive afternoon the car 2 o'clock, did not climb highest peak so, a bit regretful, fill next time again on. Downhill when we trot all the way, arrived to recieve a center to take a car next former road is returned, ended the travel of the Hangzhou of this time of infinite attaching.
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