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West lake, gully channel travel notes
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Rise in the morning the following day, kill the thing that is put in freezer entirely smooth, good the burden that reduces a road to go up. Take a car to come to the side of the west lake, although have much at 7 o'clock handleless cup only, but person already much more special, we decide to take a ship to visit lake heart first island and 3 pools reflect a month (it is OK that material tourist attraction introduces everybody check on the net, I did not say more, nevertheless sensory scenery still goes) , bought a ticket in yacht dock then (45 yuan / person) aboard amuse oneself. When toing disembark, we choose to spend harbor to watch piscine ” from “ , discover to bank hind all on Su Di is a person, a bit horrible, cannot ride even the bike row. We decide to have a meal first, know to there is a “ to know flavour to watch ” near ” of fish of view of “ beautiful harbor from the net, but specific place is not clear, also did not indicate on the map, we ask the police that be on duty, they also do not know unexpected (they say is be moved here temporarily) . Us along Su Di Xiang Na, walk along Yang Gongdi next, all previous classics innumerable trials and hardships, be about in us when despair, abrupt “ Liu An is spent bright another village ” , discovered “ knows flavour to watch ” eventually, after the event just knows to want to cross “ to spend harbor to watched piscine ” to arrive only so, we circled a big ring, really too …… alas! Enter restaurant to feel the environment is good still, the young lady enquires we are to eat fastfood still order dishes, we decide to order dishes, sample the characteristic dish of next Hangzhou, we nodded east soup of ham of slope flesh, Qianlong, wax gourd, still have Lenten with two bowls of rice (in all 115 yuan) , feel the price wants expensive place than other place, still can accept nevertheless, taste is very good, especially ” of head of “ Qianlong fish, my girlfriend says particularly delicious, say her now even dribble, say to eat even next time again. Ate big meal, make the same score a little took what a moment ago took injustice route is rough. Holding out satiate abdomen, go ” of fish of view of “ beautiful harbor takes a walk, the scenery pretty inside is pretty good and it is free. In “ beautiful harbor watched piscine ” to go leisurely to meet, see time already much at 2 o'clock, press a plan afternoon is to should go of ” of “ gully channel, time is not early, pulling cummer to wait for a car to the platform rapidly.
Be informed in the travel notes from the net go gully channel can multiply 313 or 513, what also can take special railway line is medium cling to the car arrives bottle kiln, next change bottle kiln arrives in the special railway line of peace and tranquility cling to car. Flavour knows to watch ” in “ by (bay of swan of station name bath) without nonstop car, take 527 to “ first only below ” of 9 lotus new residential quarter, turn to stand to car north by K15 next. Because plan 2 to go back, bought in the station incidentally so 2 afternoon the ticket 2:10, buy ticket, in north station doorway just sees one arrives of bottle kiln in cling to car (also can multiply 513 here or 313) , car hind bumps through on, arrived eventually bottle kiln (kiln of bottle of boreal station — makes an appointment with 40 minutes, fare 4 yuan) , arrived bottle kiln arrives in the local change that get off of peace and tranquility in cling to car (car Cheng makes an appointment with 1 hour, fare 7 yuan) , the region is quite remote really still, fortunately all the way the view is good still, look at the tea tree that hill superstratum cascade folds and emerald green bamboo, the mood that move restlessly also calmed slowly come down, for the child that to us these come to from Campagna, this is enough the eyeball that attracts us, the car goes up in dish of winding hill highway sail, it is hill road really 18 turns ah, my heart also flies to the channel of the most beautiful villatic —— gully by the side of that “ heaven as the wheel ” . What we do is medium cling to the car does not open scene area, arrived however on town of peace and tranquility stopped, the car that has scene area usually (ticket 2 yuan) , after the event just knows, on too smooth town we left a car, called a minibus (15 yuan) send doorway of area of scene of ” of “ Mao Tang us.
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