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West lake, gully channel travel notes
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West lake, gully channel travel notesWork at ordinary times busier, basically time of it doesn't matter accompanies cummer, want to multiplying 51 ” of “ to taking her to play well so, know she goes up to “ have heaven, the Hangzhou that there is Su Hang ” below is yearning already for a long time, go to Hangzhou with respect to the decision so.

Because be self-help,swim, it is indispensible that so beforehand should do sufficient homework, searched many travel notes, result to basically decide a few tourist attractions that should go slightly come down, fulfil the journey and accommodation then. Because had been close to “ 51 ” , the hotel near Hangzhou west lake already went out basically surely beforehand, do not have method, get online again undertake one time searching for, a good place discovered in the travel notes of an elder- - ” of apartment of type of hotel of “ Hangzhou other people (Http:// ) , the chuckle to oneself in the heart, call immediately (13805723666) connection, the boss calls Song Tao very enthusiastic, this wanting that decide the room May 1, but 1-6 date already early went out surely beforehand, there still will be 1 April 30 only, 30 30 (house price has a few kinds, the room value that we decide just 150 yuan) . Since live the place had been fulfilled, that is about to solve the problem that takes a car next, because fear the person of a travel is bought more,be less than ticket, booked in the station ahead of schedule so appropriate was promoted at 8 o'clock 30 in the morning - the bus of Hangzhou. All Ok, when waiting to arrive only, set out. Knowing is too excited, woke more at 5 o'clock 30 in the morning, eat breakfast, in doing cling to the car comes to the station, just at 7 o'clock, think of information desk goes getting ticket originally, the another regular bus that wants to still perhaps have breakfast, ask to wicket wicket, as it happens has at 7 o'clock of half, not be the car north station that plans formerly to us nevertheless, without giving thought to, wanting to be able to go to Hangzhou to buy a ticket rapidly earlier (the think of a way that proves me later is wrong) . The car after getting on a car led a few batches of visitors in other place again, go to stop, still not be the high speed that take, until just went to destination “ Hangzhou quickly at 11 o'clock ” of green station of the four seasons (if take that regular bus on original plan, arrived almost at 10 o'clock) . Issueing a car to just know here is original is the costume terminal market with famous Hangzhou, the girl that likes to shop comes to Hangzhou ramble this place should be good.
Original plan goes in the morning of a few tourist attractions, but the thing that the discovery after getting off takes is too much, the decision puts baggage to the place that live first. Take 21 cars to “ to found a state crossing ” stands, the local “ that knows calls to landlord after getting off phoenix remove ” of business affairs edifice advanced face, went to do not have much further arrived, sit elevator reachs 1225 rooms, gentleman of the Song Dynasty already there, handed in 150 yuan of hire and 150 yuan of cash pledge to be entered smoothly. Room sense is good still very clean, with the introduction on the net same: TV, air conditioning, computer, freezer. Make a bit after resting, sit K5 road comes to the side of the west lake. This is yearning long already west lake, look at the lake face with wave crystalline light, blowing gentle breeze, the feeling is very comfortable really. To “ Liu Lang along west lake edge direction of Wen Ying ” strolls, go to stop all the way stop, pat pat look, very satisfied. Imperceptible abdomen is hungry, see time already fast before afternoon at 2 o'clock, as it happens left river lane street not far to go by. Went to Hangzhou, river lane street is a place that must go, it is the old market that at present only of Hangzhou urban district is holding view of ancient city history. We go as it happens was undertaking local speciality is tasted that day be on sale, bought plum of a bit word, thirsty bought coco again, taste is really good still. Go to ramble along the shopping mall, just see sell fastfood store technically, wanted Ling of strong-smelling preserved bean curd, cool skin, chow mien, chelonian to cream, feel that's all right is special. Proposal if everybody wants to have a meal the Gao Yinjie that can arrive on the side of river lane street, gao Yinjie is Hangzhou archaize cate a street, it is fastfood and OK to think of to eat the “ that entry of river lane market is in knows flavour to watch ” to sample small the Hangzhou characteristic such as ear of basket bag, cat is fastfood (when we go, do not have advertent, when come out to just discover, really depressed! ) . After cram oneself with food, feel two legs had gone to be not moved, time is about the same also, the place that decides to take a car to be answered rests, as it happens there can sit to arrive 35 times directly. Washed a hot bath, the person feels much more relaxed, the card of digital camera is already full, upload the picture that take in mailbox, saw meeting TV enter dreamland.
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