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Tea of west lake Dragon Well tea identifies ferry bridge
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Always of character, without exception, that 4 old way, argue color is“Fundamental ” , wen Xiang is belonged to“Premise ” , savour therefore“Crucial ” , as to view form, unless ace, can ignor.
Still have belong to the side door that tries accurate 2 action: One of, degree of plain boiled water of tea Shang Danzhi, the head of tea stalk the base of a fruit of sanded turtle often already pitch-black, this pond is ecru still, head of the base of a fruit of pitch-black of if be intermingled, sanded turtle mix into enters this pool“Spell tea”. Secondly, when tea soup is the thickest, sanded turtle often degree differs the ground is cloudy, or if cheat Bao Yanyan, or if presbyopic inspect be like Yan of light slight corneal opacity of attack by surprise, or infiltrate Yan of half milk shape, top class dene turtle criterion or verdure, or this pond of; of Yan of dark green bright and beautiful, tea soup is weak green and answer muddy of yellow of light orange color becomes an organic whole, clear from beginning to end and bright and clean, finish now“Green empress”Qingchun is ecru.
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