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Tea of west lake Dragon Well tea identifies ferry bridge
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2, hear“Sweet-scented ” : Tea of west lake Dragon Well tea says on the book“Be like sweetly orchid ”----This analogy was opposite only half, than national orchid a faint fragrance, sweet be ignorant of of tea of west lake Dragon Well tea is thicker, tea grower of west lake countryside the “(that ground of intuitionistic, figure calls panbroils) horsebean valve sweet ” , it is ” of “ orchid beans sweet. “ Dragon Well tea”This pond especially ” of Dragon Well tea of peak of lion of special, advanced “ , put add water is fastened first in the cup, lid buckle on first“Frowsty”A few minutes, uncover Gai Wen, the aroma with orchid peculiar beans waves in the wind rise, and among them mix into the sweet taste of a few honey, when add water that“Sweet-scented”It is powerful and tangy especially. Sanded turtle is sweet also, but much more delicate, and new prosperous goods“Chestnut is sweet”, desolate mountain products is faint“Earthy fishy”, what carry on promotes and other places is miscellaneous 7 miscellaneous 8 sweet----All be not orchid beans sweet, mix when strong bubble add water 23 hind; of the easiest let the cat out of the bag

3, article“Flavour mellow ” : Develop bubble first easy water comes 1/3, renew water water to the half----This meantime also, dye-in-the-wood and dilettante also can stand sentence true and false, the mouthfeel of this pond“Sweet-scented”And answer“Full-bodied ” , orchid beans is spicy in twinkle the pleasantly sweet feeling of how much sweet candy, and taste bud has tea grower of a kind of Dragon Well tea to call“Greasy”feel character distinctly, this feels character kind Qingdao beer is fastened at any brands, the deal of taste bud, simple sense wants“Heavy”A few, at the same time that“Full-bodied”I.e. feels greasily more its are exquisite, kind of flour at the seed powder of Gorgon euryale. Next, pharynx a few mouth water“Aftertaste ” , elegant sweet taste obviously embellish of white Bai Mi is guttural, sip tastes after 78 minutes, sweet taste You Cunyan, call on the book“3 cannot bear gargle”. Sanded turtle, savour show one's true colours, it is fragrance above all apparently delicate, this feeling kind Zhang Sheng wrote down old duck Bao to put salt less, because the lid lacks this pool alone“Flavour alcohol”Particular sweet aftertaste and full-bodied simple sense also, at the same time distinct a variety of miscellaneous flavour: The power flavour that some mix into are like well water a few tiny bits, fishy of some be intermingled earth, by no means an isolated case, even if the new prosperous that follows a pond pole easy look genuine, all and have few points high mountain tea, light sweet taste uniform be like sucrose, sweet candy sweet taste without put;
4, beautiful ” of view “ form: Elaborate copy risks sanded turtle, same look is like tea of a kind of green tea picked before Pure Brightness lotus core, strong bubble is like “ sparrow tongue likewise”Hou feed, “bowl hammer”Stand continuously, “accipitral claw”Hang, of Nai why? And dead acupuncture point of turtle of the sand in the dot: Its are modelled on meticulously, often be accident uniform, fry broken core, piece, end often evil spirit evil spirit relaxed. This pond, imperial daughter not the reason that anxious marries, produce the friend that sells oneself oneself, tip line working procedure often“Extensive”Some, often accident irregular, tea core, tea piece, tea dust often not fan is used up. Additional, generally speaking, this pond is gone to express “ broadness outside”A few, yan of fat of body Zhuang Feng, sanded turtle criterion mostly body“Thin”Slender shape, lever very bright Yan.
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