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Tea of west lake Dragon Well tea identifies ferry bridge
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Tea of west lake Dragon Well tea identifies ferry bridge

It is west lake Dragon Well tea when new tea appears on the market, my area the “ sanded turtle besides base of tea of Dragon Well tea of west lake of 168 square kilometer”Pass oneself off as of tea of Dragon Well tea the old game of this pond embark upon a political venture----Spent silver of coin or money of on 1000 yuan of copper to think bought jin a this pond goods, of know the business see one character tear: &Ldquo; was duped, this is to be worth at most 100 come yuan sanded turtle! ”This jab, should be stamp really already it stamp liver has a few blood is good that stamp liver has a few bloods spit. Gentleman disappears, ace identifies tea of Dragon Well tea of west lake of true and false, booth of right hand heart gathers new tea, left finger in a way a, one look, lift again hear below nose, and even only government canister in glance, adjudge unassailably with respect to the tone on the spot: It is west lake countryside this pond; or say: It is dragon; of tea of a depressed place or say: This is sanded turtle----It is new prosperous (or: Carry on is promoted, Xiao Shan) go out. Compare with such ace, though the kongfu of rustic gentleman still owes duration, but also can differentiate pretty close, identify Dragon Well tea of “ west lake especially publicly here”The 4 old way of this pond, sanded turtle, let you also have a pair“Piercing eye”. Row visit an official, one annulus buckles that 4 old way closely one annulus, with meticulous care, cannot or lack one device, ordinal it is differentiate color, Wen Xiang, savour, view form, one by one tea of Dragon Well tea of coordinate west lake“Color alcohol of green, sweet-scented, be ignorant of, form is beautiful”This“4 absolutely”Characteristic. And listen in a below one to come----
One, plait“Lubricious green ” : At first sight, this pond, sanded turtle is lubricious green, but open system green of threatening eye, it is sanded turtle surely. My area of 168 square kilometer fancy, advanced new tea, especially“West lake Dragon Well tea”Of highest grade“” of lion peak Dragon Well tea, just of colour and lustre is emerald green with what tea grower of Dragon Well tea calls“Unpolished rice is lubricious”Alternate with, and green, yellow dichromatic and natural muddy is become, just be like spread and sink in of photograph of shade of wash ink marks. And sanded turtle, copy risks a method quite tall already, green also in the belt is yellow, but this is fire duration is increased when army boiler hard“Frowsty”Those who come out, fizzle out so that become warped to death to become warped, burnt flooey, connect body to cheat ill complexion of dropsy of a Yin Huangre, and even faint fry anxious trace;
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