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Midsummer watchs a bird to the west lake
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Rise ceaselessly as west lake water quality, here became all sorts of feral and avian paradise, the ground of avian go to the trouble of travelling a long distance that some migrate comes to the west lake, assumed the job of the inspector of natural zoology self-consciously still, supervising and urge the people of this city cherishs the water of green hill green jade that has at the moment.

Recommend the sort that watchs a bird: Common and halcyon of bird of belt of 鷉 of black neck 鸊, birthday, white bosom, halcyon.

Friendship reminds: If the demand is not high, the binoculars of times can watch general 7-10 bird. If the condition is permitted, the binoculars of times cooperates 15-60 small-sized tripod is properer configuration; Early morning and dusk are the optimal time that watchs a bird.

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Home watchs bird famous scenic spot: Dong Zhai of groove guard of nature of migrant of wet ground of black river of county of groove guard of nature of red -crowned crane of Jiangsu salt city, Gansu Province high table, Henan is avian flourish of groove guard of nature of Ning Cao sea, Shandong becomes groove guard, Guizhou power city becomes Shan Weizhen is big swan winter and ideal live.

In addition, lu Ke of cloth of Xinjiang Ba Yin, qinghai lake, heilongjiang plunges into dragon, the Yellow River 3 gorge reservoir, shanghai esteems bright island east 9 paragraphs of beach, sand, yunnan tall Li Gongshan, bu of Hong Kong rice, it is the distinguished place that watch a bird.


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