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The west lake is new 10 scene
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9 brooks smoke is cultivated

The west lake is new 10 scene

Entrance ticket: 2 yuan
Public transportation circuitry: K4, 27, 308, 504, swim 5 lines can amount to 5 road, holidays
Brief introduction:
9 brooks, common calls “ 9 brooks 18 gully ” . Be located in on the west of the west lake group below the cockscomb ridge in hill. North receives Dragon Well tea, qian Tangjiang as string of 1000 cash south. Below mountain of arbutus of hill of home of source hair old man, road collects stone of clear bay, grand law, Tang Jia, comparatively well-off, Buddha, 100 a unit of length, Yun Qi, clear head and Fang Jiajiu brook, labyrinthian concealed ignore, flow into Qian Jiang. 18 gully fasten those who point to brooklet, shed fontal gurgle. 9 brooks and 18 gully are confluent before cafeteria of the brook in the 8 brooks that become aware hill falls. Weigh hill rows of mountains all the way, tea garden comes loose place, peak loop turns, running water pures, hill bird chirp. Sunshine show is lubricious but eat, overcast smoke cloud is wispy. Assist of bright poet Zhang Li: “ Chun Shan is wispy Bai Yun is low, 10 thousand big pool are contended for shed ” of below 9 brooks. The poem says You Houfu of Yue of Yu of quiet acting learned man: “ weighs jackknife to fold hill, winding road, fourth fourth Dong Dongquan, tall relative superiority or inferiority leaves a tree. ” all spoke “ the infinite scene of ” of tree of 9 brooks smoke. Have the new tourist attraction such as the brook in immense forest booth, Wang Jiangting, brook, artificial chute.

Wind of Wu Shan day
The west lake is new 10 scene

Entrance ticket: 30 yuan
Public transportation circuitry: By 35, 38, to Wu Shan square station falls 40
Brief introduction:
Wu Shan is west lake Na Shanyan extends the rear that enters Hangzhou the city zone, year period, wu Guo is here south ten hilltop such as eyebrow of month of smooth, Bao Lian, 7 treasure, Shi Fo, treasure, camel, high mountain form ground of house of bound You Ziyang, cloud, gold, Qing Dynasty southwest - the arc of northeast trend Qiu Gang, floorboard Wu Shan. Wu Shan is not tall, but because insert the urban district its east, much Fu of north, northwest faces road of downtown streets alley, south but overlook Qian Tangjiang and cross-strait Ping Chou, wu Shan still has the feeling that be high up in the air surmounts on, and the success that all can take Hangzhou river, hill, lake, city. Wu Shan is hill not tall, advocate alone good, lin Maoquan abundant, the hill on hill issues extend in all directions, view of ancestral temple temple builds more more, to bright Qing Dynasty, commercial inn shops in succession impact, step by step a high building, everywhere cloister, pilgrim tourist jostle each other in a crowd, a lively picture. Town god's temple is the biggest fane on Wu Shan, copy palace type is built, base location can be searched. Empty front courtyard is mediaeval inside temple wood is very tall, atmosphere forbidding, big when camphor up to now lush and green. In people memory, in those days town god's temple cannot overlook, down to links hill name also because of this temple read smoothly calls town god hill.
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