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The west lake is new 10 scene
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The tiger runs dream spring
The west lake is new 10 scene

Entrance ticket: 5 yuan
Public transportation circuitry: K4, 538, K599 Lu Hu runs below the station
Brief introduction:
West lake wonderful scenery, lake hill depend on each other is linked together, the “ emissary ” that this depend on each other is linked together, it is 3 between Na Yunshan a Qing Quan, way way mountain stream. The tiger that is located in big Ci Shan to fall runs spring, it is a west lake the celebrity in numerous name spring. The tiger runs of the spring get a name, only then at Buddhist and mythological fokelore, the development that actually this is spring of name of the west lake on the history, protection, use and even believer of keep and Buddha, path and temple view are promoted decline a kind of related joys and sorrows lay reflection. The tiger runs the spring is the cranny coin that joint of petrosal of subterranean current classics and clearance collect. It from even general acid kind the quartz that cannot dissolve is permeated in sandstone, give dew, water quality is pure, total mineralization is spent low, the content of radon of radioactivity rare element is high, be a kind potable, have quite the high grade and natural drinkable mineral water of Medical Protection function, reason and tea of Dragon Well tea call “ the west lake double absolutely ” .

Dragon Well tea asks tea
The west lake is new 10 scene

Entrance ticket: 0 yuan
Public transportation circuitry: By village of 508 27 road, Dragon Well tea the station falls
Brief introduction:
Dragon Well tea, renown Long Hong, long Jiao, be located in the hill of mountain of wind bamboo grove of west lake southwest. Here of the Five Dynasties is built have temple of Dragon Well tea, the Dragon Well tea when Northen Song Dynasty already became travel famous scenic spot. Poetic Su Dongpo often tastes tea to recite poems hereat, ever had Shui Yijia of beautiful of hill of “ person character, the line that there are ” of 10 thousand the Long Tan that suffer from flood dragon below praises. Dragon Well tea of according to legend and sea are interlinked, because there is dragon in the sea, friend name. And the water of Dragon Well tea, also very peculiar, when churning, surface can appear waterline of a cent, as if hairspring swings, disappear slowly next. Spring water of Dragon Well tea is clear pleasant clear, run with the tiger, Yu Quan closes call a west lake 3 names spring. Tea of Dragon Well tea more negative great reputation. Clear Qianlong emperor ever came here collect tea to plant tea, old Dragon Well tea still stays have “ ” of 18 drive tea is vestigial. Qianlong still inscribes “ lake hill ” of the first beautiful 5 big character, will cross a small stream cabinet of stone of carry of gully of hut of mountain of bamboo grove of pool of heart of booth, cleanse, one cloudlet, wind, circumference, Long Hong, god, emerald green peak is “ Dragon Well tea surely 8 scene ” . New west lake 10 scene judge here ask tea ” new tourist attraction for “ Dragon Well tea.
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