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Elegant spirit is beautiful -- west lake show is lubricious
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Gu hill is original in lake of Gu stand erect, after building Bai Di only then be interlinked with lake bank. Luxuriantly green of wood of Gu mountain forest, attractive scenery. It is humanitarian landscape focuses one of land most. The Zhongshan park of the foot of mountain austral Gu hill ever was feudal monarch make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital, the Southern Song Dynasty manages ancestor (the Christian era 1252) promote build the Xi Taiyi temple with baronial dimensions, monarch is imperial garden. Clear Dai Kangxi's emperor swims west lake, go in for sth in a large scale again building, build make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital. Was gentleman of commemorative grandson Zhongshan 1927, change call Zhongshan the park. Be opposite gate step is mid, embed have 2 words of tremendous ” of “ Gu hill, style of writing or drawing is vigrous. Here gardens layout is clever, booth stage is strewn at random, it is natural beauty and artificial beauty be in harmony an organic whole. The ” of scene of the world of “ west lake of happy cover of the platform in hill, rockery folds stone irregular, strewn at random have send. There is one booth in, cistern is faced before, qu Qiao is interlinked, old Shu Cangqiu, flowers and trees luxuriants and well-spaced, become an elegant little garden oneself. It is place of Zhongshan park elite. Hill of hill of water of water of “ of the couplet hung on the columns of a hall on booth everywhere obviously beautiful; Rain of fine fine rain surprises well constantly strange ” correct path gives this Jing Zhimiao. Border of Gu Shanxi north has forest company, build to commemorate Lin Qi. Lin Qi at Qing Guangxu (the Christian era 1896 to 1900) Ren Hang city is viceregal, establish begging is academy of classical learning (Zhejiang university predecessor) , raise book what, silkworm learns a house (predecessor of Zhejiang silk engineering college) , to Zhejiang education is written have contribution. Its are left bridge living music wells balanced to put a crane, go up again for forest place person grave, all flee for Song Dailin (word and pacify) commemorative building, forest flee quarter annals is learn, build cottage to live in seclusion Gu hill, not be an official, not wive, day makes a book with composing a poem, kind Mei Yanghe is happy. Its are person “ Mei Qihe child ” . There is carved stone inside the booth that put a crane " Wu Hefu " for the Southern Dynasties Bao Mingyuan is made, script of calligraphy of Dong Jichang of copy of clear Dai Kangxi's emperor. Bank of the booth that put a crane alls over Zhi Lamei, wintry day plum leaves, dark sweet float, refreshing.

The Zhejiang of the foot of mountain austral Gu hill visits museum, it is one of our country's earliest museum, heretofore already had 70 years of histories, holding cultural relic, painting and calligraphy more than 100000. The house is abandoned build for the gardens pattern that builds in recent years, with confluence of west lake scenery. Adjacent is the art gallery of Zhejiang west lake that builds on site of national and artistic courtyard east, for collect carefully and the artistic hall that show a picture. Article billows cabinet is inside Zhejiang province museum, yuan Weiqing is acting of 4 libraries whole book collect books building. Article billows cabinet 4 libraries whole book when the War of Resistance Against Japan for many times change apprentice, as a result is short of somewhat break, after new China is built, fill copy all ready, already moved to want to hide to safe place now. Shop of food of the building outside floor of hundred years old store also is in Gu hill, assemble of dish of this inn name, often presence of domestic and international honoured guest samples. The foot of mountain austral Gu hill has 61 springs, build half booth enclothes his to go up. Su Shi holds the post of Hangzhou to connect when sentencing, ouyang Xiuceng introduces he and monk Hui Qin to be acquainted Yu Gushan. Take up the post of again when Su Shi when Hangzhou tells seat of government, ou Yangxiu and Hui Qin already all passed away, herein picture offers sacrifices to. Its fall have a spring, because Ouyang is repaired from date 61 lay Buddhist, su Shi is this spring name “ 61 springs ” , be admired in order to convey what to Europe this world repairs and commemorate. Overlook lake point, have memorial hall of Yu music garden. Yue of Yu of name of Yu music garden, zhejiang De Qingren, qing Daoguang a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations, treat 7 years together (the Christian era 1786) take up the post of essence of classics of explain archaic or dialectal words in current language to abandon hill to grow, all previous more than 30 years, discoursing on an academic subject book, also leave many a much-told story, Shi Wen for the west lake.
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