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Elegant spirit is beautiful -- west lake show is lubricious
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Hill of white bank Gu

Visit a west lake from boreal line, be close to lake bank builds hopeful lake building, this building is heart of male of Northen Song Dynasty 2 years formerly (the Christian era 964 years) be built, ascend a building to look at, lake face is optimistic. Su Dongpo advocate politics when Hangzhou, often get together here with friend banquet. The building is destroyed at the Southern Song Dynasty. Former address rebuilds now, restore in former days landscape.

Look at the travel before lake building too, can come via Bai Di Gu hill. Bai Di is in early the Tang Dynasty more than 1000 years ago, with scene charming and gentle celebrated, poetic white house ever had “ chaos easily to spend at that time gradually desire glamorous look, shallow careless ability does not have horse's hoof. Love a lake most east travel is insufficient, the line of ” of white Sha Di in green Yang Yin. White Sha Di of white bank original name, when Tang Dynasty resides feudal provincial or prefectural governor of Yi Renhang state in vain, irrigation works of embankment start construction, benefit people, its bank elsewhere, already barren collapses. Hangzhou marks his contribution artificially, call white Sha Di Bai Di, bai Di is even and free from worry, two sides willow of one individual plant peach of one individual plant, chun Ritao red willow is green, especially attractive. Bai Di east end is the bridge. One of 4 big folklore of Chinese " white snake is passed " story, happen in break the bridge, give the bridge to make the same score add a few minutes of romance. The bridge is right build waterside pavilion of the ” in having “ Yun Shuiguang, for Qing Qianlong drive inscribes “ to break tablet of ” of bridge incomplete snow to well balanced by. The Yi Rong after Hangzhou snow, incomplete snow is mottled, with booth a pavilion or house on a terrace red column set each other off becomes an interest, reason is a west lake one of 10 scene. White bank end is the Qiu Yue that make the same score a lake, also be a west lake one of 10 scene. Drive of Qianlong having Qing Dynasty inscribes tablet of lunar ” of “ Ping Huqiu to well balanced, build Tian Yibi having a lake building. There is the platform in irruptive lake before the building, 3 be faced with water, every time bright month high above in the sky, shadow of lake smooth month, be full of poetics picture meaning. Lake of 10 thousand just makes the same score “ of building column couplet hung on the columns of a hall long be like lens; Month of the four seasons is good most appropriate autumn ” is this scene best portraiture. Bai Di most end has Xi Ling bridge and boreal hill road to connect on the west. The ramp of a bridge has the bridge on the west Mu Caiting, it is feudal provincial or prefectural governor of slippery state of the Southern Qi Dynasty formerly Bao Mou is Su Xiaoxiao of prostitute of name of commemorative money pond and build. Su Xiaoxiao ability affection is outstanding, turn up one's nose at influential officials, she and the love story of one teenager leave a paragraph of a much-told story for the west lake. There is here of hill of lake of “ of couplet hung on the columns of a hall to ever buried jade on booth; Spend month of its person but casting gold ” is its achievement portraiture.
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