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Clever concealed temple protects beginning and end
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Clever concealed temple protects beginning and end

Found Yu Dongjin Xian Heyuan year (326) clever concealed temple, be located in show of 1000 peaks contest, 10 thousand big pool to contend for drifting west lake west in glen. Clever concealed temple is the jungly fane with the biggest Hangzhou, it is one of 10 name Buddhist templeput on the brakes of Chinese. Came 100000 burning incense at the height of power and splendour, by honour for “ southeast ” of the first hill, it is the ground of tourist travel Hang Biyou.
In August 1966 the middle ten days of a month, “tide of ” of broken FOUR OLDS blots out the sky and cover up the earth to sweep across and come, " break the clay idol in clever concealed temple " , " by the clay idol in clever concealed temple " , " should protect clever concealed temple for what " if fly like snowflake,wait for the handbill full Hangzhou region. For a short while, clever concealed temple was become“Be bungled”Keep the moxibustion heat of ” with “ . 24 days, 25 days, zhejiang college student issues the appeal to the worker that visit town, farmer, citizen: Protect clever concealed temple with all one's strength.

26 day and night, I come to clever concealed, see noisy and confused of the voice before Chun Congting only, close-packed. Zhejiang college student and the student that around farmer is wanting to break clever concealed temple are held back outside Hui Longqiao. I am good squeeze not easily enter stream, explain joins temple of protective clever concealed, ability is able to enter. At 89 o'clock in the evening, spread out to be bungled to argue with what protect inside Leng Quanting, bilateral with " Chairman Mao ana " argue strongly. Remember me also grabbing microphone, recited Chairman Mao“Farmer model rises Bodhisattva, want to be bungled, go be bungled by him farmer, do not need others to monopolize replacing ……”(carelessness is such) devoted controversy. Both sides often seizes mike grab, do not distribute land of relative superiority or inferiority each hold oneself see, the controversy setting of a pair of in full swing.

Midnight, the prince that Hangzhou city mayor holds the post of when amounts to the crowd that will protect clever concealed temple in. I also was surrounded go up, go to Wang Fu long in front of, mayor of pressing hope king can express a state, clever concealed temple protection rises. At this moment king mayor face shows appear to be reluctant, say this condition is bad to express, but the person that joins temple of protective clever concealed has a steamed bread to eat, he can accomplish this one step only.

The late night is controlled partly temporarily, save li of bearer, say to communicate“Central Culture Revolution”directive. Immediately confused occasion cold lonely comes down, should hear“Whether is clever concealed temple protected, when deciding ” by broad him masses, the occasion that became a roaring, disorder again in a moment. “Be bungled”voice is louder and louder. “Protect”the student of person and Zhejiang university pulls an arm, build adult wall, will“Be bungled”the person just is pushed to Hui Longqiao outside, do not let them jump over the bridge one pace. The situation of stand facing each other of this one be locked in a stalemate arrives all the time from second half night day break, thereafter be locked in a stalemate of ground of as one falls 34 days.
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