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West hill crossing " lake of annulus green jade is abandoned "
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West hill crossing " lake of annulus green jade is abandoned "

The west hill road of the west lake, old weigh Ren Shoulu. The bank of bridge of annulus green jade of benevolence birthday crossing, have a garden that the name is lake of " annulus green jade to abandon " villatic (ever was west lake area appoint, ) of office building of division people government, the noise of dawn of king of business circles famous man that his host is beach of Shanghai of 30 time around.
Wang Xiaolai is born in the countryside of famous silkworm mulberry----General of Zhejiang Sheng county justice countryside, his father has one prefectural head says richly, government-owned carry is illogical however, place the hope go up at son body. And father is violated to wish namely when Wang Xiaolai is little, be used to of " of be fond of rides " of fist holding be used to concurrently. Then got acquainted with Wang Jinfa, Xu Xilin, Qiu Jin to wait for revolutionary person of ideals and integrity, then he fills the young person of spark with, flat abandon child say Shi Yun, attended smooth resume a session, it is a class with boxing marvellous wushu every day, nocturnal night discusses current affairs to be with getting together fast.

Lift after justice failure, wang Xiaolai is fugitive Shanghai, in farther-in-law----Help of guide and support of famous businessman Lou Yingzhai issues latter-day Zhejiang, base oneself upon at business circles, fame sun rises. Of Wang Zaijing business, still rush about to turn over quiet revolution raise the wind, very as close as the association such as Chen Jimei. The victory of revolution of laborious the last of the twelve Earthly Branches spurred development of ethical industry and commerce. Wang Xiaolai criterion feel just like a fish in water, on one hand prosperous, participate in politics again on the other hand. "4? Around of coup of " of just a little, king as Shanghai temporarily municipal government committee member, chairman, advocate labour and capital cooperates, object an armed strength suppressing, hold to all the time temporarily the day that municipal government is closed. Right now, he from date " 100 not " , take " 100 fold do not answer " " hard the meaning at " of career of the national economy and the people's livelihood. However, entered the dimmest time in lifetime however actually. But, he is obliged to borrow make a sightseeing tour come in heart of divert oneself from loneliness or boredom depressed, so organic meeting often comes lake of annulus green jade is abandoned small live.

After war of resistance against aggression wins, end of king dawn noise leads a wandering life career, returned Shanghai, but old curtilage already by raze to the ground, family broadcast, send hedge relatives and friends, though matter dies,the person is in, reunite again however he thinks the; when notting have clear away incomplete course of study, but important official parvenu however wantonly " disaster receives " ; he does not wish to believe, although shine,have to admit " day again however, and cloud and mist did not open " ; his denounce the current political situation, however by sneer for " malapropos " , cast aside aside. At this moment, the society day such as he and Song Qingling is fine, understood the Communist Party gradually. After liberating, below the keep an eye on that Song Qingling, Zhou En will come to to wait, 70 superabundant king dawn noise are economic construction to give counsel on behalf of the identity with Chinese people bank, got esteem … of people…He still abandons lake of annulus green jade send a country, rebuild office uses a room. Nowadays, footprint of involuntary discharge of urine still is put, old appearance dimly, as if in the lifetime that recounting host.
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