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Fish of west lake vinegar
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Fish of west lake vinegar

” of fish of vinegar of “ west lake is Hangzhou name dish look after the house mediumly dish. Cook fish of west lake vinegar nowadays ” of the building outside the building of “ of hundred years old store that most famous is the foot of mountain austral Gu hill. ? Fish of west lake vinegar, say elder brother's wife of " father's younger brother passes precious " again, fokelore is olden elder brother's wife had burned a bowl to add what candy adds acetic fish and come to little father's younger brother. Choose the grass carp of posture moderate, float of best preexistence clear water is ripe, want to master duration. Outfit dish hind drench on juice of sweet-and-sour Gorgon euryale. Into famished look Ze Gongliang, the flesh is qualitative fresh and tender, acid is sweet goluptious, take crab taste slightly. Characteristic: ” of fish of vinegar of “ west lake, it is dish of name of Hangzhou tradition gust. According to legend has brother of peaceful family name in ancient times, bellyful article, live in seclusion to make a living in order to fish in Xi Zihu bank. Person of magnifico of local rascally Zhao sees good looks of peaceful elder brother's wife is moving be about to occupy by force, apply plan beat dead its husband. Song Di is enemy signing up for elder brother to bring a lawsuit against to feudal official, the result gets v&n bastinado. Elder brother's wife of the Song Dynasty urges flee to other country of father's younger brother, fire of candy, vinegar is used designedly before travel the fish of enormous legendary fish in a west lake goes for his money, his “ suffers from encourage sweet the place ” that not forgets common people is miserable. Little later father's younger brother got a scholarly honour and official rank, on banquet interpose eats like that sweet in the tailor-made fish course that takes sick at heart, found the elder brother's wife of incognito defect escape eventually. Then, he resigned official position, rise too afresh fish the fishing home that make a living lives. Cook ” of fish of vinegar of “ west lake to choose fish of west lake enormous legendary fish to make raw material commonly, the hunger before cooking raises two days, make its discharge clean bowel inside sundry, eliminate clay is angry. Tender beauty of the cruelly oppress after cooking, contain crab flesh ingredient.
Raw material: Advocate makings: Vivid grass carp 1 (weigh 700 grams about) . Condiment: Jiang Mo 1.5 grams, white sugar 60 grams, carry on wine 25 grams, soy 75 grams, vinegar 50 grams, wet starch 50 grams.
Cooking process: (1) raise grass carp hunger two days, close to its discharge fodder and clay flavour, make cruelly oppress strong, scale of butcher take out, branchial, splanchnic, abluent. (2) break off piscine body into male and female two Pan (even bone of the back of the human body at the same time Pan of rule the region, across is female Pan) , behead goes tooth, on male Pan, below Cong Han 4.5 centimeters of place begin every other 4.5 centimeters inclined an one knife (the knife makes an appointment with 5 centimeters greatly) , blade is inclined to the head (in all piece 5 knives) , piece when the 3rd knife, cut off in the place after lumbar fim, make the fish divides two paragraphs. Be in place of thick meat of ministry of female Pan backbone to grow a knife to abdomen inclined Ji again (make an appointment with greatly 4 reach 5 centimeters) , do not injure piscine skin. (3) get on fire of flourishing of the buy that fry pan, dip enters clear water 1000 grams, after burning boil around of will male Pan puts bowl two paragraphs in succession inside, next, will female Pan is discharged, piscine head is right neat, on Pi Chao (water cannot flood piscine head, pectoral fin cock) lid of the boiler on the lid. The water that wait for boiler again when boil, open a lid, cast aside go float foam, roll fries pan, continue to be boiled with flourishing baked wheaten cake, around burns about 3 minutes in all, the male Pan that plunges into a fish gently with the chopstick chins bottom, if can be plunged into, namely ripe. Fry 250 grams stay to rinse inside boiler (Yu Shang is cast aside go) , after putting wine of soy, carry on and ginger end to flavor, be about to piscine fish out, install in dish in (below Pi Chao wanting a fish, the back of the human body of two Pan fish goes all out even, piscine end paragraph joining together is in of male Pan cut off place) . (4) fry the soup juice inside boiler, join white sugar, wet starch and vinegar, the spoon that use a hand pushs agitate to become concentrated juice, see roll boil to bubble, have pot instantly, irrigate slowly go up in piscine body, become namely.
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