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Midsummer watchs a bird to the west lake
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Free contributor, cameraman. Film subject matter involves humanitarian geography and physical geography. Longing records those to be in the history of die is vestigial, humanitarian bequest and culture precipitation

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Not more metropolitan than be in laky in those who see group is feral and avian more the thing that makes a person satisfied, at least they can let long reside the people in ferroconcrete forest to recall the appearance of nature. View bird, admire a bird, with contact of feral and avian close quarters, can be a kind of avant-courier, stimulation, healthy journey kind.

★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of natural landscape ★

Cormorant is strong and the ravin animal that has talent extremely, huge and the rostellum of the hook that take a turn, wide and strong palmiped make they are in water a bit no less than is in in sky general and nimble, and to fish, meeting such killer is a nightmare undoubtedly. Whole west lake is cormorant people chasing heaven, but they can go up for lake face however a few stake with not much amount to and open cannot hand in, the circumstance of much ” of “ picket little bird develops one part cormorant finally actually settle on famous 3 3 gravelstone towers of Tan Yingyue, jovian above air is basking in wing. such, cormorant people the scenery in also becoming tourist key point.

Halcyon the “ frequenter ” that is a west lake, these bub are mixed with small fish, shrimp normally the animal is test program feed. On the branch that when catching hunt, stands in water edge, staring at surface closely, once discover small fish has swum, go down with respect to dive, plunge into directly into water, after nab fish, attack a move wing do all one can pours a water, holding prey to fly back to former office to enjoy. Because its fish kind is unique, people took the nickname of a ” of “ fishing man to it.

The mist of west lake early morning can hear egret to bleat hoarsely in brume. They are inherent hunter, opposite at cormorant, a when catch hunt to have his of egret. They have the long foot like a pair of stilt, long and thin and sharp rostellum, retractile long neck, especially hind different, it is a mount almost the pike of bedspring, add can the eyesight of detection surface, the possibility very little that prey wants the whole body and retreats.

If luck is enough good word, the birthday of encounter of close Lin Li that you still can be by the side of the west lake brings bird and its children. Bird of male birthday belt is having sufficient have the body 3 times long end feather, their colour is gorgeous, bearing grace, what flutter like Linlihui simply is petaline. Birthday belt bird is delicate main like the bird's nest like artwork by lichenous, grass-blade, careless bine, fine grass ear of silk of root, palm, tree, cobweb form, incubate works to basically be assumed by hen. After fledgling hatch, parents of birthday belt bird dares to atttack any too the animal that stands by Xiaoshou to take a bird too, although they do not have the constitution of bird of prey, but it is to still drive them to attack bravely instinctively the person that all along makes.
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