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The west lake is new 10 scene
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Yun Qizhu diameter

The west lake is new 10 scene

Entrance ticket: 5 yuan of public transportation circuitry:
Brief introduction: In the cloud dwell a depressed place that is located in the foot of mountain austral 5 cloud hill, the landscape of hill a depressed place that is forest exuberance, green banboos is shady, brook babbles, cool and refreshing and clinking. Grow one kilometer
diameter of cloud dwell bamboo, both sides green banboos is shady, trail is winding and thorough, chan Chan Qing Xi depends on diameter and fall, charming beautiful pleasant bird sound from forest in come out, whole environment
Peaceful and cool and refreshing, compare with busy streets photograph, make the person feels comfortable and relaxed all the more, bright heart is pleasing to the eye.

Man Longgui rain
The west lake is new 10 scene

Entrance ticket: 5 yuan
Public transportation circuitry:
Brief introduction:
West lake autumn swims, day admires laurel, night enjoys the glorious full moon. Admire laurel to become aware with Nashanman Gansu most fill. Sweet-scented osmanthus is the city flower of Hangzhou. The west lake helps advance somebody's career sweet-scented osmanthus, cheng Zitang face. The west lake often enters a poem with laurel in inchoate poem, it is west lake north Shan Lingyin, Tian Zhu brings cloister place plant. And become aware Gansu autumn admires sweet-scented osmanthus completely, be bright just form dimensions climate later. Become aware Gansu also says full home is done completely, be south a valley of the foot of mountain austral the height. When Wu Yue, here has small-sized Buddha temple more, among them a circle promotes a courtyard, change to become aware completely after courtyard, the ground is a name with the temple, the flower also is establish of temple monk place becomes magnificent spectacle gradually about.
? ? ? ” of Mu Xi of “ of sweet-scented osmanthus formal name, be a kind constant green small tree, sexual happy event is wet, become aware two hill place Gansu completely stand erect, forest luxuriantly green, groundwater source is rich, environmental appropriate grows at sweet-scented osmanthus. The hill here civilian with establish laurel carry out flower is main economy origin, generation passes generation, brought up ” of world of millet of gold of this one “ eventually. Nowadays is every family more all establish laurel, house around, village inside and outside, full hillside, road both sides, one clump, , one layer upon layer, look all is. Annual mid-autumn around, rain of cool of a few gold, when Qiu Yang reappears, the sweet-scented osmanthus of full tree is opened eagerly, flow fragrant 10 lis, ooze appears the bottom of one's heart, sincere Zhang Yunao of the person that be like Qing Dynasty 7 character a poem of four lines " taste laurel " place cloud: “ west lake is sufficient in August Qing Dynasty swims, is where sweet is the view that connect bazoo dim? Become aware the Jin Su other Gansu is alled over completely, day wind plays fall 10 thousand Shan Qiu. ”Sweet-scented osmanthus has laurel of Jin Gui, silver-colored laurel, orange osmanthus, the four seasons to wait, flower is fine and when the quantity blooms greatly, if meet dew is weighed, often asperse along with wind fall, be like pluvial bead closely, in covert of person travel laurel, ” of rain of “ of wash one's hair wraps around sweet, do not have interest one time. Rain of full Gansu laurel is seleted new west lake after 10 scene, become aware Gansu village is below concerned department support completely, annual 9, the west lake is held between October fall sweet-scented osmanthus section, nashanyi is taken, car water stream of people, path do it block, west lake autumn swims to add one big literary or artistic pursuits again.
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