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Pure and fresh tastily beer of 1000 islands lake
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Limited company of beer of 1000 islands lake founds Hangzhou in September 1985, already formed now it is headquarters with Hangzhou, produce base for two with lake of Fen mouth, 1000 islands, have 250 thousand kiloliter the large beer company of actual productivity.

The company relies on the resource advantage with 1000 islands distinct lake, of image of brand of elaborate brew high end low beer of series of lake of degree of Dan Shuang 1000 islands. Introduce advanced brew equipment, practice automation control, assured beer mouthfeel constant, pure and fresh tastily. In orgnaization of Chinese beer majesty---Market of branch of beer of association of Chinese brew industry selectives examination private mark assess, 70 national beer commissioners are recommended consistently for " national level is high grade beer " and " countrywide wine kind sincere letter recommends product quality safety brand " . Be maintained to be by center of development of Chinese green food " green food " , brand of beer of 1000 islands lake is had the honor to win " Zhejiang saves famous label " , the company crosses Zhejiang to save optimal economic benefits, industry rank of business of industry of optimal economic benefits, passed ISO9001-2000, ISO14001 and cleanness produce attestation. Sale market enclothes each big province city such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Fujian, Anhui, sale is annual 30% above extent increases by degrees, the product gets of market favour and consumer reputably.

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