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1000 islands lake tastes cate: Beautiful water other people feeds government off
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With authentic farmhouse two aged teal are on charcoal fire slowly on cook over a slow fire 4 hours, shang Zhiqing clear sees an end, little taste is full-bodied, bao builds a dozen opening, really sweet! The immortal raises gastric handleless cup:
Pardonable call an immortal to raise gastric handleless cup, abdomen of maw, tripe, pig was put inside, join tea tree eat and lichen to become burden, eat what to fill what stone boiler oxtail:Spring thunder is noisy, oxtail is sweet, stew the oxtail that come out with stone boiler especially, more bright sweet clinking, add bit of potato, hot hot, crisp crisp, very goluptious.

Characteristic dish: King of head of 9 surnames fish, beautiful teal, immortal raises oxtail of boiler of gastric handleless cup, stone
Address: 1000 islands lake presses down Chun An county new Annam road 2
Phone: 0571-64819338
Network address:
E - Mail:
Serve time: 09: 00~20: 30
Public transportation 1, 2, 3, 4, station of square of lake of 5 1000 islands falls

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