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1000 islands lake tastes cate: Beautiful water other people feeds government off
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Friend, had a good swim when you the water of green hill green jade of 1000 islands lake, after be intoxicated by the place of the natural beauty of lakes and mountains of 1000 islands lake, you think certainly gluttonous big meat comes suddenly full full the luck to eat sth delicious, so I take you a good place, the social cafeteria with the largest scale of 1000 islands lake -- other people of ― beautiful water feeds government office. Beautiful water other people feeds government office place to fall 1000 islands lake presses down gold a sector of an area square of 1000 islands lake 2 buildings, have box 22, large banqueting hall is mixed 1 times the sweethearts balcony of amorous feelings romance 20, can recieve 600 people have dinner at the same time. Of the hotel decorate style of primitive simplicity and elegance, little bridge running water, white wall black is made of baked clay, sculpture individual character and Wan Qingmin reside color photograph echo, show the regard with cate and shirt-sleeve public feelings of one square landscape, one party fully. Smooth a sector of an area foster cordial relations between countries of good, outfit but trashy, it is good to become meal key or want food. Speak of food, the skill that beautiful water other people feeds government office to be able to have it is absolutely lively. Having a fish is to go to what 1000 islands lake has a meal above all, the wild fish of 1000 islands lake is here everything needed is ready, the large kitchen in inn has a variety of different ways to fish of avery kind of, color, sweet, flavour, form has fine, wrap your satisfaction. And the price also is compared elsewhere petty gain is not little. Have a meal to beautiful water family can not forget to nod Bao, the be clear at a glance between the Bao of bright archives, duck of the earthy chicken that authentic farmhouse buys, earth, mountain products is on charcoal fire slowly cook over a slow fire is worn, stew crisp rot again, that is really sweet! Besides, beautiful water home still has dish of plain dish, Hunan dish, Hangzhou side dish, Chun An place to wait, much move, many 400 you sample slowly! Characteristic dish:

King of head of 9 surnames fish:
This fish head comes from the tradition of the fisherman on 1000 islands lake and water of Xin Anjiang catchment to burn a law, the sauce that makes plus secret expects, the flesh is qualitative delicious, shang Senong is stiff, heavy pound is recommended. Beautiful teal:

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