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Relaxed and chic Hangzhou dish
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Nowadays, hangzhou dish noes with Lian Feng of its qualitative actor price Changjiang Delta. Hangzhou dish belongs to the course of short for Zhejiang Province that 8 big vegetable of Chinese tie, "Relaxed and chic " the biggest characteristic that is Hangzhou dish. Song Dai is big Ceng Chengzan of poetic Su Dongpo " the world is filled convivially, not was like Hangzhou also " , and have " Wen Xiang discontinue " literary quotation.

Dish lifts the name of Hangzhou deeply, the famousest have make change chicken, east bamboo shoots in spring of soup of water shield of shelled fresh shrimps of fish of vinegar of a thick soup of fish of elder brother's wife of slope flesh, the Song Dynasty, west lake, Dragon Well tea, west lake, oily stew. East slope flesh is fat and not be bored with, make change chicken sweet tender tastily, beauty of fish and shellfish as food of west lake vinegar is goluptious, visit to Hangzhou cannot not taste.

The dish house with famous Hangzhou has " old name " the building outside the building, universal the hill outside day, hill, hangzhou arrives first you perhaps can rush " the building outside the building " Mu Ming and go, but here besides occupying west lake beautiful to be in absolutely, not be well-advised choice really. You often can get on because of waiting " make change chicken " and await a many hour hard. Another calls 88 yuan to change chicken, shelled fresh shrimps of a Dragon Well tea 89 yuan, fish of vinegar of a west lake 58 yuan " day price " make a person a bit it seems that be left speechless with wonder or fear. Recommend you to go " the Cenozoic Era " red sludge (the road austral Yan'an 149) , Xinhuazhong city (the road austral lake villa 107) , the aureate sunshine that Na Xiaobu's Zhang Sheng is written down and extends Annam way. Environment, price and service compare those it seems that " old name " should better, had better make an appointment ahead of schedule nevertheless.

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