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The west lake opens go angling area (graph)
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The west lake opens go angling area (graph)

West lake go angling (data picture)

Crucian carp fish, red, white, yellow tail, spiral shell is green... yesterday, scenery of Hangzhou west lake scenic spot the area is in charge of appoint office of government of water area of meeting west lake holds a press conference, will begin to come on March 13 in October the last ten-day of a month, west lake Su Di opens go angling area. The citizen can apply for member qualification to association of Hangzhou city fishing, enter go angling activity.

Since the mouth austral Su Di, the 3rd bridge of billows of lock of the 2nd bridge, bridge hopes the west lake water area between hill bridge is area of west lake go angling, make an appointment with 110 to angle in all.

Hangzhou citizen needs to join consortium of Hangzhou city fishing, get " card of academician of Hangzhou city fishing " , unite via fishing association after that deal with " card of go angling of Hangzhou city west lake " , by angle assist arrangement fishing time, ability buys fishing ticket to Su Di spot by two card.

In Su Di ticket of spot carry out is nodded, every citizen can be bought at most everyday " two tickets 4 pole " . Every ticket 12 yuan, allow to put two fish staff. That is to say, everybody can use fishing of 4 fish lever only at most.

Be in " card of go angling of Hangzhou city west lake " rear, the reporter sees such character: "Prohibit go angling variegated carp, silver carp. " expert of office of government of west lake water area says, variegated carp, silver carp is the backbone force that purifies west lake water quality, they water of west lake of a buccal get down, eat off the plankton among water system.

What how the citizen knows to swallow the bait is what fish? Management of west lake water area is in censorial group group to grow Deng Kaiyu to laughing to say: "Fishing connoisseur knows, variegated carp silver carp lives in superstratum water area, the cord of fishing is put some longer, can let off them. Make do not angle inside travel ' half water fish ' . Make do not angle inside travel ' half water fish ' ..

Want to angle west lake fish, these regulations want to be abided by strictly. Last year, because a few citizens have the action that puts the deregulation such as piscine lever more secretly, angle assist the member qualification that cancelled 20 people.

As to the specific time of go angling, it is clear to also ask everybody to write down: Every week one, 4 retire for Hangzhou city time of go angling of academician of cadre go angling, every week 2, 5 for time of go angling of academician of Hangzhou city fishing, holiday except (Su Di's tourist is much, be afraid of swing fishing rod to hurt person) . Go angling hour is 6: 00~18: 00.

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