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Ensure beauty spot of west lake of person safety Zhejiang is killed by accredit
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The Li Shi teach of line of mountain of make one's rounds of office of Qian Jiang government is team member of hill of old make one's rounds, had come up against boar for many times, he emphasized two designedly:

The hill on the citizen does not take a dog, common dog not only cannot protect you, still can alarm boar, arouse the aggressiveness of boar;

Touch really on boar, should run below past hill -- boar hind leg is longer than the foreleg, hill runs quickly on, break up easily downhill with bottle.

If in phoenix hill one belt discovers boar trail, can dial Qian Jiang management to be in line of mountain of make one's rounds to be on duty phone: 86083462, 24 hours of somebody. If in area of west lake scene other mountain forest encounters boar, can dial west lake scenery scenic spot the area is in charge of appoint of the meeting be on duty phone: 87179617.

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