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Be about to compare the west lake on the west child
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The west lake is old lake of pond of Lin Shui weighing fierce, money, Xi Zihu, those who be located in Hangzhou city on the west, begin appellative west lake from Songdai. 3 Yun Shan, one water holds a city in the arms, picturesque scenery, the scenery is picturesque. Lake body is shown elliptic, surface area 5.06 square kilometer, lake bank circumference 15 kilometers, the average deepness of water is controlled in 1.5 meters, most in have 2.8 meters, the lowest point is less than 1 meter. Su Di and white bank separate lake side li of lake, outside lake, Yue Hu, on the west in lake and Xiaona lake 5 parts. One hill (Gu hill) , two banks (Su Di, Bai Di) , 3 islands (Ruan Gong mound, a pavilion in the middle of a lake, small sea continent) , 5 lakes (outside the lake in west lake, north, on the west li lake, Yue Hu and south lake. The beauty of the west lake is in not only lake, also depend on hill. Surround west lake, southwest has hill of Dragon Well tea, reason An Shan, south height, mountain misting and clouds in the twilight, the big kind hill, hill that face stone, Na Bing hill, phoenix hill, Wu Shan, the hill austral floorboard. There is mountain of glow of hill of clever concealed hill, boreal height, female immortal, dwell, lapidary hill to wait in, floorboard north hill. The height of hill does not exceed 400 meters, dan Feng strange stone is beautiful, lin Quan deep and remote beauty, . The tiger runs, Dragon Well tea, the renown spring deep gully such as Yu Quan gallops noisy Hui, the show of condition of hole big pool such as hole misting and clouds in the twilight, water happy hole, stone house hole is magical. They resemble month of numerous star arch same, hold the west lake with an unique charm in both hands. In the gardens beauty spot of the 49 square kilometer that is a center with the west lake, distributinging move is main scenery scenic spot more than 40 place, a large of wind act cloud, bead shade jade belt, smoke willow draws the bridge, grow booth short a pavilion or house on a terrace, marvellous spectacle of myriad attitude, Wei Ran. Bai Juyi of Tang Dynasty poet ever said: "On the lake spring will seem picture, random peak is spread around the level. The loose face that discharge hill 1000 heavy emerald green, heart of every bits of month wave bead. Thrum of green jade blanket smokes early rice, blueness collect connected through one's relatives exhibits new cattail. Fail to be cast Hangzhou goes, half stop over is this lake " , su Dongpo of Song Dai big literary giant is more blunt: "The world west lake 36, medium had better be Hangzhou " , again good the view of charming and gentle that again beautiful one's words says endless west lake. Spring in March, careless long warbler flies, , a pavilion or house on a terrace of misty rain stage, peach of willow attack by surprise is greeted; The lotus when summer reflects day, lotus leaf receives a day, water light billows, hill color is cheated for nothing; Lin Ru of autumnal criterion layer is caught, golden Gui Piao is sweet, qiu Tao coils snow, average lake autumn month; Wintry day is dismal sweet float, thin film horizontal stroke is inclined, break bridge incomplete snow, far Shan Ningdai. "Light of hill lubricious lake is followed step by step, gu Jin draws Yi Nanshi hard " , have Su Dongpo only " the Chu Yu on the lake " just draw up of the west lake inherent beautiful pledge and moving verve, be by recommend by the public unprecedented, the peak of poetic perfection of west lake through the ages of arrival does not have after: "Water light billows fine square good, hill color cheats rain to also surprise for nothing. Be about to compare the west lake on the west child, weak makeup thick wipe always appropriate " .
West lake " bright phearl " name, come from " west lake bright phearl falls from the day, lively and vigorous in calligraphy arrives Qian Tang " old myth. Before 12000, hangzhou or a great waves receive the sea of the day, the west lake is one becomes shallow sea bay repeatedly with Qian Tangjiang, later the deposit as a result of silt, the sea is cut off eventually, gradually evolution becomes a geology history to go up " 瀉 lake " . After that in 100000, the west lake bore of spring flowing water foster, the dredge with artificial past dynasties, the 1000 fawn on that brought up a west lake 100 charming. From mountain torrents alluvial 瀉 lake arrives the west lake of a Guang Lianyi, west lake can numerous useless put alone, because it is final,just is can the west lake on the coronal this name, profit from Qian Tang, namely the history of today's Hangzhou develops. Hangzhou is a Gu Cheng that has long history and culture, it is early more than 4000 years ago, the mankind already multiplied here haunt. Before the week before 3000 is acting, hangzhou is belonged to " the region of Yangzhou " . When age, here ever was the battlefield of Wu Yue contend for hegemony. After Qin Shi emperor unites 6 nations, hangzhou only then set a county to treat, only then call Qian Tang the county, belong to meeting check county. To the Northern and Southern Dynasties, change a county to treat treat for county, tang Jun weighing money (because Tang Shi is evaded, change " the Tang Dynasty " for " pond " ) . Suidai opens emperor 9 years (the Christian era 589 years) , county of money the Tang Dynasty changes weigh Hangzhou. Arrived Tang Dynasty is earlier, hangzhou with each passing day flourishs, the dweller already was amounted to ten numerous. There had been many a person of virtues to administer the account of the west lake on the history, plum secrete, Bai Juyi, Su Dongpo, Yang Mengying, Li Wei, Ruan Yuan, but it is to be after Tang Dynasty. Between Tang Chao large calendar year, plum secrete comes to Hangzhou hold the post of feudal provincial or prefectural governor, open 6 wells, bring west lake water to enter a town, make Hangzhou waters the menace that cast off salty tide of the East China Sea. Long celebrate 2 years (the Christian era 822 years) , when the poet resides feudal provincial or prefectural governor of Yi Renhang state in vain, embankment scanty well, administer west lake and development Hangzhou further, make Hangzhou becomes famous scenery city. The Song Dynasty is crossed south the room, hangzhou of found a capital, last a period of time more than 150 years. Regard the whole nation as the center of politics, economy, culture, hangzhou more appear unbalanced and flourishing. Le Hushan of delay of compose of Song Gaozong Zhao, take build in phoenix hill " Forbidden City " . "Monochromatic a high building 30 lis, do not know to look for Gu hill where " , its Cheng Ke knows. Of Liu Yong of person of Song Dai big word fault " look at tide " the landscape Hangzhou indeed elaborate: "Southeast form is gotten the better of, 3 Wu Dou is met, qian Tang since ancient times flourishing. Smoke willow draws the bridge, wind shade emerald green act, irregular 100 thousand other peoples. Yun Shu circles bank sand, furious billows coils frost snow, natural moat does not have limit. City lists a gem, door be filled with Luo Qi, excessive of contest a person of extraordinary powers. Heavy lake folds 巘 Qing Jia, have 3 Qiu Guizi, 10 lis of lotus. Qiang Guan Longqing, night of extensive of water chestnut song, play play angles child of old man lotus. 1000 ride have tall tooth, take drunk beat audition xiao, chant is admired mist and clouds in the twilight. Different day plan will be good scene, boast of Gui Qufeng pool. " allegedly " this word flows sow, gold advocate (be over colour) bright Wen Ge, have admire willingly at ' 3 Qiu Guizi, 10 lis of lotus ' , rise then cast whip to cross Jiang Zhizhi. " for this, song Ren thanks solo of place thick elegy, language piece breathtaking: "Who a Hangzhou melody sing? Lotus 10 lis of Gui Sanqiu. That knows wood callosity thing, affect the Yangtse River 10 thousand lis of anxious! Affect the Yangtse River 10 thousand lis of anxious!!
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