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Ensure beauty spot of west lake of person safety Zhejiang is killed by accredit
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Evening is much at 6 o'clock on October 31, a many jins 200 boar, run into east hill gets hospital of people of west lake division, bump into the dormitory of master of security personnel poplar, the bed of daughter of pop-up poplar master, then change arrives crossing of auroral Lu Lingyin, dash against a taxi, escape into carry on one's shoulder of music courtyard wind next, do not know whereaboutldirection finally.

Yesterday (on November 4) fast when coming off work, the staff member of 10 thousand loose academy of classical learning is sending a such messages: Much at 4 o'clock afternoon, boar having a head rushs into a kitchen, took hogwash barrel in
Leftover ort, ran toward hill again.

West lake scenery scenic spot the area is in charge of appoint after meeting phoenix hill manages the fourth director of place to hear, hurry to immediately, regrettablly nobody sees boar at that time; Send a person to chase after again, hear only in front there is a thing to get the past in brushwood " rustle " sound, did not have a little while -- the year before last year December, have boar 6 are gone to from Wu Shan direction of 10 thousand loose academy of classical learning runs quickly madly, wander away ceaselessly all the way, a small boar ran into academy of classical learning finally; Administrator look about, but also fall without discovery.

These a few years, every arrive autumn, the figure that west lake beauty spot always can see boar -- environment of scene area zoology is good, natural enemy also is done not have on hill, west lake beauty spot is to ban hunt, of boar " be not natural mortality " decrease greatly, nature is increasing; And autumn, get on for a winter especially this paragraph of time, weather turns cold, thing of the comestible on hill is less and less, boar must forage downhill, show a body again and again.

Boar is a country 3 class protect an animal, cannot optional hunt is killed, but the production that once arrive more,endangered people, person is safe, that is control amount with respect to VIP.

This year May, after west lake beauty spot is asked for so that branch of forestry, public security agrees, 67 hunter search in Fu Yang, the Yun Qi that appears and disappear in boar, 9 brooks, 6 with the periphery such as temple of every days of Zhu of tower, God, culmination Zhu, Zhu, clever concealed mountain forest undertook 3 days " drive boar " activity.

"Main purpose is to drive, go to boar drive in farther mountain forest, took 56 hunting dogs so; Boar is very sensitive animal, one disclosure hunting dog, can run immediately commonly, the ability that does not run really is hit. " a staff member of west lake beauty spot says.

May " drive " activity, shot dead 7 boar finally.

Last week, bureau of area forest water returns the west lake to hold a meeting that calls boar technically, preparation as fortified building in Zhou Pu, dragon, leave and other places to open dozen of boar. West lake scenery scenic spot the area is in charge of appoint can say, also will organize in the winter this year " drive boar " activity, at present relevant job is preparing in.
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