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Domestic tourist hopeful walks out of destination price to confuse through multi
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Domestic tourist leaves the country especially tourist, hopeful will depend on platform of digital multimedia technology henceforth, master destination circumstance in the round, bypass pure the price that forms by quote of travel agent salesperson is confused bureau.

Egypt 8 days of elite swim 8200 yuan, Egypt 8 days panoramic swim 9400 yuan, Egypt 9 days classical swim 13600 yuan, Egypt 10 days of enjoyment swim only 11200 yuan... mere Egypt one ground, at present advertisement of the travel on the market has at least 78 kinds to look very similar, but the edition with price very big however difference. Consumer cannot be in see character difference from inside these very similar products for a short while, cannot choose to fit oneself product more. Below this kind of circumstance, exclusive and OK relative leave the price only, then price war became travel agent to solicit the measure with the mainest business, and price war brings final victim still is travel consumer necessarily, travel may turn beautiful money into be deceived accordingly.
On Fair of China International travel, what by perfect holiday Beijing investment management limited company and supplier of 5 big travel make together is brand-new travel trades, reveal, transmission platform appears formally, its biggest characteristic is domestic head home uses number and multimedia technology, let consumer be in for a short while can all-around the real experience of the travel product that the ground experiences.

Chief popularizes means to express affirmation to this kind related national tourism bureau. Reporter discovery, bureau of tourism of the country outside having much home and bureau of domestic provincial tourism attended this to plant one-stop the network of the service is revealed. Pass video, consumer can is opposite in destination information and journey each days, even the detailed information of each period of time has all-around knowledge, the product selects according to his requirement again later, break thoroughly at present tourist only by travel agent salesperson " flicker " the current situation that draws out money.

Perfect holiday trustee carries out president Zhuang Baoping to introduce, digitlizing innovation experience website is core, combine area of scene of magazine of innovation experience electron, number to wait for high-tech product, and integrated insider of company of member of program of channel of TV of program of platform of our country authoritative TV, professional travel, high end casts large and magazine, outdoors electron to show screen to wait for of all kinds media continuously.

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